AERO EDU has been approved and accredited as Teaching and Examination Centre by various European and international academic institutions. Therefore AERO EDU is not providing any academic degrees. The degrees are accredited and awarded by the partner institutions directly, such as the Paris Pole Alternance (PPA) and its international school IPE Management School - Paris, an established and internationally recognised higher education institution - a Grande Ecole in the Réseau des Grandes Ecoles Specialisées (GES). The PPA and IPE jointly offer basic and advanced degrees, the main objective of which is to train managers with outstanding skills and abilities to make a continuous and lasting contribution to the global economy and society as a whole.

We are proud of our close cooperation with the IPE Management School Paris, who is the International School of Paris Pôle Alternance (PPA) and responsible for awarding our Master's and Bachelor's degrees in foreign locations within the authority responsible for Pôle Paris Alternances (PPA). The PPA is a higher education institution of the Réseau Grandes Écoles Spécialisées (Réseau GES) and is fully recognised and authorised by the French government to award level 1 (Master) and level 2 (Undergraduate) qualifications.

AERO EDU is managed academically and qualitatively directly by their different partner to ensure that academic standards and learning objectives are consistent with the academic quality control carried out in their countries.

Please note that although our classes are held in English, the certificate and academic transcript (Europass format) are issued in the local language of the chosen degree awarding partner institution.

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