AERO EDU Master Studies

MBA in Information TechnologyEurope1 yearEU
MBA in Aerospace ManagementEurope1 yearEU


BSc in Facility ManagementSwiss3 yearsEHE
BSc in in Total Quality ManagementSwiss3 yearsEHE
BSc in Healthcare ManagementSwiss3 yearsEHE
Bachelor in Total Plant ManagementSwiss3 yearsEHE
Bachelor of Computer ScienceSwiss3 yearsEHE
Bachelor of Business AdministrationSwiss3 yearsEHE
Bachelor of Public AdminstrationSwiss3 yearsEHE
Bachelor in Tourism ManagementSwiss3 yearsEHE
Bachelor in Hospitality ManagementSwiss3 yearsEHE


Master in Projekt-ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MSc in Qualit├Ąts-ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MSc in Total Plant ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MSc in Compliance-ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MSc in International Trade & LawSwiss1 yearEHE
MSc in Healthcare ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
Online MBASwiss1 yearEHE
Online Master of PhilosophySwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Banking and FinanceSwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Banking & Risk ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Maritime ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Airport ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Retail ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Hotel ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
MBA in Manufacturing ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
Master of Public Administration (MPA)Swiss1 yearEHE
Master in EntrepeneurshipSwiss1 yearEHE
MSc in Sustainability ManagementSwiss1 yearEHE
Master of Applied Sciences (MASc)Swiss1 yearEHE
Master in Human Resource Management (MHM)Swiss1 yearEHE


Doctorate in Business AdministrationSwiss3 yearsEHE
Doctorate in Public AdministrationSwiss3 yearsEHE
Doctorate in Healthcare AdministrationSwiss3 yearsEHE
Doctor of Philosophy in EconomicsSwiss3 yearsEHE
Doctor of Philosophy in MedicineSwiss3 yearsEHE
Doctor of Philosophy in EngineeringSwiss3 yearsEHE
Doctor of Philosophy habil.Swiss3 yearsEHE


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